'Man of Steel' and Original 'Superman' Music Combine to Form the Ultimate 'Superman' Movie Score

'Man of Steel' and Original 'Superman' Music Combine to Form the Ultimate 'Superman' Movie Score

May 15, 2013

Our buddy Fatboy Roberts has been remixing movie scores for years now, and if you haven't yet discovered his stuff then take the next few minutes to do so because it's pretty great. (Here's an old interview with Fatboy from our buddy Scott Weinberg at the now-defunct Cinematical that includes more of his music.) While we were bound to see a fan-made creation that combines the new Man of Steel score by Hans Zimmer with the iconic John Williams score from Superman: The Movie as we inched closer to the June 14 release of Man of Steel, we're super glad to discover this one by Roberts, who adds his own little vibe to the whole thing.

Not much more to add except to say that if this doesn't get you excited for a new Superman movie, you are not human!

From Fatboy Roberts: 

Remixed and Re-edited by Fatboy Roberts, 2013, as a Geek: Remixed One-Shot. Contains samples from "The Planet Krypton" and "Prelude and Main Title (Alternate)" from "Superman: The Movie" by John Williams, and "Man of Steel" by Hans Zimmer.
Available for download at geekremixed.com
Download all 3 Geek: Remixed albums at geekremixed.com
Listen to the director's commentary podcast at podcast.geekremixed.com

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