'Man of Steel' Countdown: Photos, Interviews, Merchandising, Rumor Control and More...

'Man of Steel' Countdown: Photos, Interviews, Merchandising, Rumor Control and More...

Mar 19, 2013

It’s 86 days until the theatrical release of Man of Steel, which is still mired in secrecy, but there’s plenty to be excited about in these last few months as we count down, especially all the photos, interviews and merchandising. Catch up on the biggest news from this week.


Total Film Magazine Images and Coverage

Total Film Magazine ran a full spread of photos along with interviews from the Man of Steel cast and crew for its May issue, #205.  Director Zack Snyder teased “We've tried to make a Superman movie where he does stuff and you go, 'Yeah, if I was Superman, that's what I'd do.' Even though he's an alien, he's more relatable, more human.”

During another interview, Henry Cavill explained, “This is a Superman for a modern age. It's not betraying anything that Superman is, but it is grounding everything in reality. It's the story of this incredible being who can do incredible things, but whom we can associate with. Because he's gone through troubling stuff and had to make tough choices...”

Meanwhile, Amy Adams admitted she had been in the running to play Lois Lane during Superman Returns and the unmade version by J.J. Abrams and Brett Ratner, featuring Matt Bomer. On the character, she said, “I wanted her to be a woman other women could relate to. And not be sort of a pest. Lois can be kind of omnipresent, turning up at very inconvenient times - which she does! - but you understand her reasons.”

Total Film Magazine is available now in the U.K. and will hit U.S. newsstands in a few weeks. It’s also available for the iPad and other devices for about $3.00.


New Trailer in April

Total Film also caught up with screenwriter David Goyer about the next trailer, due some time in April.  “It's something Chris [Nolan] tried hard to do with the Batman films,” Goyer said. “I'm genuinely pleased with how much secrecy we've been able to maintain. There's so much of the movie that people don't know, that hasn't been touched upon. The trailer's just the tiniest, tiniest tip of the iceberg.”

A possible description of the next trailer has been discussed on JoBlo.com by an individual claiming to work with the studio. The validity of the source is entirely unknown. If this report is in fact real, be prepared for spoilers. We’ll find out for sure in April.


Carl’s Jr. and Hardees Toys

The fast food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardees will feature Man of Steel toys with their Carl’s Cool Kids Combo meals starting April 24. No word yet on what the toys will be, but that should be announced in the coming weeks.


Statues for Preorder

Gentle Giant’s high quality Man of Steel statues are now available for preorder. Superman, Jor-El, Zod and Faora 1/16 scale likenesses can be purchased now for about $130 each.


Movie Superman Boots for Auction

Julien’s Auction House in Beverly Hills, California is offering a chance to own Superman history. In early April, it will be auctioning off a pair of Henry Cavill’s Superman boots from the Man of Steel film. They are expected to go for about $500-$700. There will also be boots that Christopher Reeve wore in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace in 1987.



New Superman DVD and Blu-ray Releases

Warner Bros. will be putting out new collections of Superman materials to tie in with Man of Steel. June 4, just 10 days before the film hits theaters, The Best of Superman DVD set will be available. The two-disc set features 14 animated classics from various eras. Here’s the breakdown:

Disc One:

1. "The Last Son of Krypton Part 1" (Superman: The Animated Series)

2. "The Last Son of Krypton Part 2" (Superman: The Animated Series)

3. "The Last Son of Krypton Part 3" (Superman: The Animated Series)

4. "Superman" (aka. "The Mad Scientist") (Fleischer Superman Cartoons)

5. "The Chimp Who Made It Big" (The New Adventures of Superman)

6. "Wanted: The Super Friends" (Challenge of the Super Friends)

7. "Terror from the Phantom Zone" (Super Friends)


Disc Two:

8. "The Krypton Syndrome"/"Invasion of the Space Dolls"/"The Terror on the Titanic" (Super Friends)

9. "Darkseid's Golden Trap (Part 1)" (SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show)

10. "Darkseid's Golden Trap (Part 2)" (SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show)

11. "The Seeds of Doom" (The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians)

12. "The Death of Superman" (The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians)

13. "For the Man Who Has Everything" (Justice League Unlimited)

14. "The Doomsday Sanction" (Justice League)

In addition, there will three DVDs featuring the Superman villains Metallo, Brainiac and Bizarro from the 1996 Superman: The Animated Series. These will be available May 28.

Finally there will be Superman Unbound, DC Animation’s next seasonal direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray release on May 7, which retells the fan-favorite "Brainiac" story from Action Comics #866-870 in 2008. The film with feature actor Matt Bomer as Superman, who was once close to playing the role in live action before the film was scrapped in favor of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns.


Concession Items

You can’t see the new Superman movie without your Superman popcorn tub and Superman soft drink cup. Golden Link has released product designs for movie theater concession stands. The designs are not yet final, but it should give an idea of the options this June.

Click here for a full spread of the photos


Man of Steel Children's Book Tie-ins

Harper Collins plans to release several Man of Steel books for children of various ages that introduce aspects of the film like Krypton, growing up in Smallville, his powers, friends and foes. They vary in price from $3.99 to $6.99 and will be available in stores and online closer to the film’s debut.

Ironically, the announcement of one of the books revealed a minor, but previously unknown spoiler.  Highlight below to see what it was.


*Spoiler*  Henry Cavill’s Superman will have heat vision.  Like I said, minor spoiler.  *Spoiler*


Jenny Olsen Rumors

Last month, fans grew angry over the rumor that character Jimmy Olsen would cross the gender barrier in Man of Steel and be played as a woman named Jenny. It all began when IMDb revealed her character’s name, and people seemed to assume she was his replacement. ComicBookMovie.com has learned from a source close to the film that this is not the case.

“What I can tell you though, via my source close to the movie, is that Jenny will NOT be replacing Jimmy in the movie. Jenny will be Jimmy's sister. There will even be a reference to Jimmy in the movie, although I was not told what it is. When I asked what Jenny's job in Man of Steel would be, I was simply told ‘No comment.’”

Given that the plot of the film will follow the early years of Superman, Jimmy may be a character that the filmmakers would rather save for a sequel. Here’s hoping this unknown source is correct.

How do you feel about Jimmy being turned into Jenny? Good idea or bad idea? Real or fake?


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