'Man of Steel' Countdown: Everything You Need to Know About the Next 'Superman' Movie

'Man of Steel' Countdown: Everything You Need to Know About the Next 'Superman' Movie

Jun 04, 2013

It’s nearly upon us. Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill were both announced as the director and Superman for Man of Steel nearly two years ago and now we are just over a week away from the U.S. release. Here’s all the biggest news from this week and be sure to keep coming back here to Movies.com for articles, unique features and a completely spoiler-free review leading up to June 14.

Just put the movie out already!!



The official premiere has finally been announced for June 10, 2013 at the Alice Tully Hall section of Lincoln Center in New York City. If you attend or just want to catch a glimpse of the stars, be sure to say hi to me! You can win tickets by downloading the Man of Steel app for Nokia Lumia phones and sending in a picture of your own personal hero. For more details, check out the Nokia Lumia Facebook page.


Our Reports from the Set

The interviews are now two years old, but I was only JUST allowed to release them last week.

"10 Reasons Man of Steel Is Going to be Awesome!" on Fandango

Henry Cavill on the "Superman Curse" and the Pressures of Playing Such an Iconic Character

Zack Snyder on 'Man of Steel' and How It's Different from Every Other 'Superman' Movie

The Real-World Location of the Fictional City of Metropolis in Man of Steel

Here's Why the First Superman Suit Henry Cavill Wore Was Christopher Reeve's


Stay updated on Man of Steel by bookmarking this link to all our coverage so far


Antje Traue Interview

Late last week I also interviewed Antje Traue, who plays the villainous Faora, General Zod’s second in command. She was incredibly nice and very fun to talk to. Here's a sample:

TRAUE: I want the audience to understand that she’s not only evil.

I actually didn’t see her as “evil.”

TRAUE: Yeah.  Yeah, that’s what they keep saying, that she’s so evil, that’s she’s so bad, but really?

I saw her as more “driven.”

TRAUE: Yes!  Driven is the right word. This whole thing for me is finding the right language to describe it and “driven” is the proper word. I mean really.

Feel free to take it. I don’t have a copyright.

TRAUE: [Laughs] Funny. I will. I will.

My next question was about her motivations.

TRAUE: Driven.


Read the full interview


Watch 40 Minutes of Cast Interviews

Several news outlets have interviewed the main cast and crew of the film, and The Superman Hompage has put them all together in one handy 40-minute video. If you’re looking forward to the film, this will be 40 minutes well spent.


Extended Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

If you dared to sit through those interviews, this 13-minute extended behind-the-scenes featurette will be a breeze!


Sears Looks Behind the Scenes

A new Sears promotion offers customers unique Man of Steel opportunities such as a free comic book, access to film footage and a sweepstakes contest at this link. It also has a separate behind-the-scenes featurette, but it’s only three-and-a-half minutes, yet worth it.


11th TV Spot

There is yet another TV spot out for Man of Steel. This one might be my favorite yet. What do you think?


How Does Superman Shave?

A few weeks ago, Gillette shaving products began a promotion asking fans how Clark Kent could have a beard at one point in the Man of Steel trailers and be clean shaven later. How is that physically possible? A few theories have popped up from Kevin Smith, Mayim Bialik, Bill Nye: The Science Guy and Mythbusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. You can watch the videos and then vote on which explanation is your favorite at http://www.howdoesheshave.com/

Kevin Smith


Mayim Bialik

Bill Nye


Props for Auction

iCollector.com is auctioning off Man of Steel props from Lois Lane’s apartment and Clark Kent’s bedroom, as well as clothes worn by Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in the film. The auction begins June 15

Why isn't it June 14th yet!?

We’re almost there, folks. On a scale of 10-11, how excited are you to finally see the film?

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