'Lost' Survivor Evangeline Lilly Is Not Happy About That 'Hobbit' Love Triangle

'Lost' Survivor Evangeline Lilly Is Not Happy About That 'Hobbit' Love Triangle

Dec 16, 2013

So The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug did pretty well this weekend, even if it did open about $10 million shy of what the first one took home in its first weekend. Some of that could be chalked up to so-so reviews and maybe even Middle-earth fatigue, but don't worry about this horse cause she'll do just fine. Maybe not as good in the States, but worldwide this franchise is still a big, entertaining moneymaker. Speaking of those so-so reviews, though, one aspect of the new film that some are having issues with is the love triangle between the new female character Peter Jackson invented for the sequel named Tauriel (Evangeline Lily) and the two dudes who are kinda crushin' on her: Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and the dwarf Kili (Aidan Turner).

Some feel the love triangle, which the film does its best not to shove in your face, feels a bit tacked on, as if someone stepped back, looked at the recipe, and felt it needed a few more sprinkles of romance. Others liked it and thought it helped humanize these characters more so that you can better invest in them in between the film's several life-threatening action sequences. The female at the center of it definitely has experience in the love triangle arena, having been the main focus of a previous love triangle for several seasons on the hit show Lost.

In this interview with Yahoo Movies, Evangeline Lilly admits that her one stipulation when signing on to play this role in the Hobbit movies was that her character not be involved in a love triangle. She claims everyone agreed at first, but it wasn't until reshoots in 2012 that the studio requested a love triangle be inserted into the film, much to her chagrin.

To their credit, the love triangle is definitely played down, and you can almost tell that Lilly is doing all she can with her performance to not make it seem as if her feelings for either of these boys is getting in the way of her desire to kick orc butt. Still, it's there, and we're curious to see what comes of it in the third movie, due out next year.

What did you think of the love triangle aspect of the film?

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