'Logan' Writer and Director Re-Team for Corrupt Cop Thriller 'The Force'

'Logan' Writer and Director Re-Team for Corrupt Cop Thriller 'The Force'

Mar 15, 2018


After making history with their Oscar-nominated script for Logan, director James Mangold and co-writer Scott Frank are joining forces again, according to Deadline. In fact, they're re-teaming for a movie called The Force. No, it's not another Star Wars story. The Force is an adaptation of the highly acclaimed and best-selling 2017 novel by Don Winslow (Savages). Frank is currently rewriting the script, which previously was in the hands of David Mamet. 

Mangold had already been involved, since a year ago, working with producers Ridley Scott, Shane Salerno (Savages) and Kevin J. Walsh (Manchester by the Sea), and 20th Century Fox has a release date in place for less than a year from now. Mangold is no stranger to the subject of corrupt police, having written and directed Cop Land back when he was starting out in the 1990s. The plot of The Force is compared by Deadline to Sidney Lumet classics like Serpico and Prince of the City, which is fitting since Cop Land had its share of comparisons to Lumet when it was released. 

The plot of The Force involves the leader of an elite NYPD unit who has always viewed himself as a good guy but must face the reality that he's become dirty. He and his partners have stolen drugs and cash, and he's now up against the FBI, the mayor's office, the mob, the drug gangs, his fellow officers and... his own demons. Meanwhile, he must choose between his family, his partners and his own life. Stephen King once tweeted that the book is like "The Godfather, only with cops." More comparisons to be found: TV's The Wire, Scorsese's The Departed, basically anything that you can think of that's great and gritty and of the crime genre. 

Mangold has a number of projects in the mix lately, including his Ford vs. Ferrari drama, a Patty Hearst film and a remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. But this sounds like it's on a very fast track, and Fox reportedly already has a bunch of A-list actors in mind for the corrupt cop protagonist. With the addition of Frank, who also earned an Oscar nomination for writing Out of Sight, this is sounding more and more like a really big deal movie. Maybe as prestigious as Logan! We'll see when The Force opens on March 1, 2019.

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