'Like Crazy' Trailer: This Sundance Grand Jury Winner is, Like, Crazy Good

'Like Crazy' Trailer: This Sundance Grand Jury Winner is, Like, Crazy Good

Aug 01, 2011

There were many films that stood out at this year's Sundance Film Festival, but only one managed to crawl inside my heart and make vicious love to it before beating it senseless with a heartbreak hammer. There's a reason why Drake Doremus' Like Crazy took the festival by storm (winning its top Grand Jury prize), and some of that can be seen in this newly-released trailer, featuring a hauntingly beautiful (if not a little too loud) cover of Elvis' "Only Fools Rush In."

Starring Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as two young kids navigating the rocky waters of a long distance relationship, Like Crazy doesn't give you the freshest premise, but its brilliance is in its execution -- from beautiful, gut-wrenching dialogue to the kind of shot selection that makes you literally feel like you're part of this relationship too, Like Crazy will no doubt take hold of your emotions from minute one and never let go.  

From my Sundance review: "Like Crazy is a film about the little moments. The ones we remember when we're saying goodbye, or missing an embrace, or losing something we thought (and maybe wished) we had. It's a film of collected moments; of love, happiness, heartbreak, success and failure. It's a film about how it feels to be in love; how beautiful, intense, addictive and debilitating love can be, but how necessary it is for us to experience as we get older and start sorting out our lives."

Watch the trailer below (or in HD over on Apple). Like Crazy will hit theaters this fall.

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