'Like Crazy' Director Drake Doremus Wants a Sci-fi Romance to Complete His Romance Trilogy

'Like Crazy' Director Drake Doremus Wants a Sci-fi Romance to Complete His Romance Trilogy

Jan 22, 2013

Few filmmakers are more familiar with the Sundance Film Festival than Drake Doremus, who is here for the third time in four years with his latest film Breathe In, a deep, dramatic soul searcher about a family man (Guy Pearce) who begins an inappropriate relationship with the foreign exchange student (Felicity Jones) living in his house.

Breathe In follows in the footsteps of Doremus’ Sundance Grand Jury winner Like Crazy from two years ago, and both films share similar themes in that they’re about unconventional relationships and the hardships they provide. When we sat down with Doremus for a chat about Breathe In (look for it later this week), he told us that he plans to tie both Like Crazy and Breathe In to a trilogy of romance movies, with his final installment taking us to the future.

“I’m starting to tinker with this idea of making a futuristic love story in a sense – that this will be a trilogy of past, present and future. Like Crazy was about the past and had a very nostalgic feel to it, and kind of about my past. [Breathe In] is about confronting the idea of love in the present, and then what love means in the future is what I’m interested in exploring next.”

Look for our full interview with Doremus to go live later this week.

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