'Kill Bill Vol. 1' Gives Us Some of the Best Behind-the-Scenes Images We've Ever Seen

'Kill Bill Vol. 1' Gives Us Some of the Best Behind-the-Scenes Images We've Ever Seen

Aug 09, 2012

Warning: The below images are graphic and may be NSFW

It's always a treat to see candid behind-the-scenes images from some of your favorite movies. Sure, they may take a little something away from the scene or movie itself and the way it's resonated with you over time, but it's usually worth it. Take, for example, these ridiculously awesome behind-the-scenes shots from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 1. Miramax posted the pics over on its website (we found them via Reddit), and what they show is the amusing, carefree and often mundane attitude on set during the film's iconic Crazy 88 bloodbath battle between Uma Thurman's The Bride, Lucy Liu's O-Ren Ishii and her violent sword-wielding crew. 

You'll also remember the scene in question was gory to the extreme, with limbs being sliced off and blood gushing from bodies. It was crazy, intense and so much fun to watch -- one of our personal favorite Tarantino scenes. Which brings us back to this series of images, highlighted by one behind-the-scenes shot that will go down as a definite all-time favorite.

Should we have put a spoiler warning on that one? Yup, there's Thurman and Liu having a laugh during the scene in which the Bride slices off the top of her opponent's head. To see them having such a good time during such an intense, brutal scene is what kicks this image up a notch, even if one of those involved is missing some head.

Check out more of the images below, most of which are certainly on par with the above. 

And here's some of the scene in question because we know you want to watch it now  ...


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