The 'Kick-Ass' Franchise May Add a Prequel and Sequel -- Here's What You Need to Know

The 'Kick-Ass' Franchise May Add a Prequel and Sequel -- Here's What You Need to Know

Jun 18, 2015

If you were disappointed by Kick-Ass 2, the future of the franchise is answering to your interests. That is, if your interests include origin stories and going backwards and then later moving forwards again. Any questions? Yes? Okay, we'll try to answer as best we can:

Will there be a Kick-Ass 3?

While promoting the home video release of Kingsman: The Secret Service, original Kick-Ass writer/director and sequel producer Matthew Vaughn told Yahoo! Movies that he's "not happily done with the franchise" and would like to continue. But before he can do Kick-Ass 3, he has to do a prequel, "to regain the love that we had with Kick-Ass."


But who wants to see a movie about Kick-Ass before he became Kick-Ass?

The prequel wouldn't focus on Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), who we saw become Kick-Ass in the first movie. Instead, we'll be treated to the origin story of two other characters. Vaughn told the site, "We’re working on an idea for a prequel of how did Hit-Girl and Big Daddy become Hit-Girl and Big Daddy."


Didn't we actually already see their origins depicted in the first Kick-Ass?

Yep. But the story was only seen in the form of comic book panels. Now it'd be like an adaptation of that comic book. Here's what we saw then:


Isn't Chloe Grace Moretz now too old to play Hit-Girl at her start?

Yes, especially because her growth is addressed a bit already in Kick-Ass 2, so presumably they'd find another child actress to put on the purple plaid skirt and leather jacket. But the real draw would be the return of Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy, if he'd be interested in returning. They likely wouldn't do it without him, but nobody would mind a new Hit-Girl, right?


What if we like the new actress playing Hit-Girl more than Moretz?

They'll have a fight to the death to see who gets to be in Kick-Ass 3.


Couldn't Vaughn just make Kick-Ass 3 a better movie to make us like Kick-Ass again?

Yes, but this is a fine excuse to almost get that desired Hit-Girl solo movie. It'll just be a Hit-Girl spin-off shared with Big Daddy. Plus, Vaughn is a guy to trust when it comes to resurrecting sour franchises by making a prequel. Just look at what he did with the X-Men franchise after nobody liked X-Men: The Last Stand

Watch the Yahoo! Movies interview for more:


So this is really happening?

Well, maybe. Maybe not. When /Film reached out for comment from Mark Millar, the guy who co-created the Kick-Ass comic book the movies are based on, he said, "there’s really nothing happening here in any official way." He claims there's never even been any discussion of Kick-Ass 3 at all, only "a few informal chats" of a Hit-Girl movie. 


Maybe he's just out of the loop?

Not likely. Vaughn and Millar have worked on a number of projects together, including Kingsman, and they're now developing a sequel to that, which Vaughn will direct, plus an adaptation of another of Millar's comics, Superior (which is enough of a Kick-Ass type story to supplant it). He would know.


Well, perhaps it'll just take some time?





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