'K-11' Trailer: A Wild Prison Drama Directed by Kristen Stewart's Mom

'K-11' Trailer: A Wild Prison Drama Directed by Kristen Stewart's Mom

May 25, 2012

So, it turns out that the most fascinating thing about Twilight is observing the fan reactions to related projects that are starting to pop up, namely David Cronenberg's surreal Cosmopolis and now Jules Stewart's K-11 — centering on a special prison unit dedicated to protecting gay and transgender convicts. Based on some very early impressions, both films appear challenging in their own way, and we're finding it hard to believe that Twihards will follow the darker descent. Still, stranger things have happened.

Stewart's indie drama follows Goran Visnjic as a record producer who wakes up from a drug haze to find himself locked up with the K-11 crew, led by a frightening transsexual named Mousey (telenovela starlet Kate del Castillo). While there, he contends with a troubled transgender prisoner named Butterfly (Portia Doubleday), a creepy molestor (Tiny Lister), and a villainous Sheriff's Deputy (D.B. Sweeney). Oh hello, Jason Mewes, we see you there. 

We're pretty sure that mama Stewart didn't intend for her little movie to be so crazily over the top, but we're curious to see more regardless. Check out the trailer we've shared below (with thanks to Movieline for posting), and let us know if you see a pair of awesomely manic, penciled-on eyebrows in your future. K-11 just made its market debut at Cannes, so we should have more release details soon.

We'll tag this cautiously NSFW due to a few shots:

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