'Justice League' Storyline Rumors, Plus Chris Nolan Comments on Gordon-Levitt as Batman

'Justice League' Storyline Rumors, Plus Chris Nolan Comments on Gordon-Levitt as Batman

Dec 13, 2012

Justice League issue 184 coverWho's ready for some Justice League buzz? All we know for sure is that a Justice League movie is coming in 2015 – but all that means is plenty of time to obsess over rumors until things become more official.

While early rumors indicate that Superman and crew will be taking on Darkseid in the long-awaited film, Latino  Review is now reporting that it knows which Darkseid comic arc will provide the inspiration for Will Beale’s screenplay: Justice League of America #183-185.

In that story, the minions of Apokolips are trying to resurrect Darkseid so that he can use some sort of ray device to destroy Earth 2 and move his planet into Earth 2’s orbit.

Hopefully, Beale will avoid the whole “Earth 2” thing, as DC gets a little confusing for non-comic readers when it starts working in the alternate dimensions and whatnot. It's probably easier to just make it Earth and call it a day – and if things work out, they can do a Crisis on Infinite Earths film series somewhere down the road.

Whatever is eventually decided, this 1980 storyline would make for a pretty decent Justice League movie. I’m not sure it’s the tale hard-core DC fans would have picked (I grew up as a Marvel guy…), but it should translate well to the screen. 

Nolan speaks about Gordon-Levitt becoming Batman

Meanwhile, the other huge rumor floating around out there is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Batman in Justice League and cameo in the upcoming Man of Steel.

Movieline caught up with Christopher Nolan and broached the subject with him. Nolan, naturally, offered little of interest on the topic – stating “I can’t talk about that, you know that.” The add-on here is that he smiled while saying it. Take that however you want – maybe the smile is a cryptic hint, or maybe Nolan just smiles because it’s the polite thing to do even though he’s tired of answering questions about Batman and ready to get on with the rest of his career. My money would be on the latter if I were a gambling man, but you never know. Expect more on that developing story until official casting is announced. 


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