'Jurassic World' Passes 'The Avengers' As 3rd-Highest-Grossing Movie of All Time

'Jurassic World' Passes 'The Avengers' As 3rd-Highest-Grossing Movie of All Time

Jul 22, 2015

Is this when superhero movies cease their heydey and Hollywood begins focusing on more and more dinosaur blockbusters? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jurassic World has just passed The Avengers to become the third-highest-grossing movie of all time, worldwide. That makes it the top-grossing movie not directed by James Cameron, whose Avatar and Titanic place at the number one and number two spots, respectively. The current global box office tally for the Jurassic Park sequel is $1.522 billion. 

We should make a joke about how Jurassic World is running pretty far and fast in spite of its wearing high heels. There is something to say for the success of a movie that hasn't had a totally favorable lasting reception this summer. And the heels are one of the big criticisms. It does, according to Rotten Tomatoes, have the lowest positive-review percentage among the nine highest-grossing movies (number 10, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, is much, much lower), though even then it's on the fresh side of the scale. 

So, it's interesting that as much as people talk about how the industry's international market focus is hurting the quality of Hollywood releases, the majority of the world's biggest hits, including Jurassic World, are mainly good movies. The more interesting story, however, is that of Universal, the studio behind Jurassic World and this year's Furious 7, which is close behind at number five on the global box office chart. This is a company that currently has no major superhero franchise (we may never even see a Kick-Ass 3 or Hellboy 3), yet it's the best-performing studio of 2015. 

Universal's having its best year ever (and last year it was only in fifth place), and it's broken a number of other records, including the one for fastest studio to $1 billion. Much of this success has to do with Jurassic World. That's why it's shocking that plans for a follow-up haven't even been officially announced, let alone fast-tracked with additional sequels, prequels, spin-offs and a whole cinematic universe to go with it. They should at least figure out a way to combine the Jurassic and Fast and Furious franchises in a quest to topple Cameron.

Anyway, with The Avengers stomped over by Jurassic World, we could use another one of these congratulatory pieces:



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