'Jurassic Park IV' Has Found a Surprising Director

'Jurassic Park IV' Has Found a Surprising Director

Mar 14, 2013

Well, it's not Steven Spielberg. What is surprising is that it's Colin Trevorrow, whose Safety Not Guaranteed is a small and sweet low-budgeted sci-fi romance that's very much different from a monster like Jurassic Park IV. Except maybe it shouldn't be surprising because Trevorrow was once rumored for a Star Wars movie, leading us to believe that there's something about this kid that has Hollywood's elite looking to hand him the keys to a Spielberg-produced franchise. 

The funny thing about this is that Treverrow already teased this, saying back when he was rumored for Star Wars that it was actually "another film we all love" that he was "trying not to mess up." Now we know that's Jurassic Park IV, and it'll be interesting to see what Treverrow brings to the project seeing as Safety Not Guaranteed is really all we have to judge him by. Obviously he's got some kind of magic sauce, and perhaps his previous film means we'll be getting a smaller, more character-driven Jurassic Park movie. Well, actually, it comes out on June 13, 2014, so how small can it be. Oh, and there are dinosaurs in it. 

Here's a fun interview with Treverrow for Safety Not Guaranteed for those who want to get a sense of what kind of director he is.

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