'Jurassic Park 3D' to Hit Theaters July, 2013

'Jurassic Park 3D' to Hit Theaters July, 2013

Mar 15, 2012

Growing tired of all these 3D conversions and re-releases? Too bad, because they're not going anywhere. You can blame The Lion King for making over $94 million a decade after its release. Numbers that high mean every studio in town is going to get in on the conversion game. It's a relatively cheap process, the marketing budgets don't need to be massive because awareness is already strong, and there's plenty of parents who are happy to pony up a few more bucks if it means sharing a theatrical experience that once meant a lot to them with their kids.

In recent months we've had The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, in April we'll have Titanic, and now in 2013 we'll have Jurassic Park.

The exact specifics of the conversion are unknown at this point, but Variety's Jeff Sneider broke the news on Twitter

BREAKING: OBLIVION will now be released on Friday, April 26, 2013. (formerly 7/10/13) JURASSIC PARK will be released in 3D on July 19, 2013

This move brings to mind one of the questions we asked Phil Tippett last fall when we spoke to him about his work on the classic film and whether or not he and Spielberg had talked about revisiting in the same way George Lucas has been revisiting his Star Wars films:


Movies.com: Was there ever any talk at Universal or with Spielberg of going back and making alterations to Jurassic Park or any of its sequels?

Tippett: No. No, no. But, for a while...I went down and had a meeting with Steven and Melissa Mathison to talk about doing a sequel to E.T. And we went down the road of all the things we could do and at one point Steven just said, "You know what? Just leave it alone. Just let it stand, let's not rake it over the coals."

Well, guess that just goes to show that nothing in Hollywood is ever set in stone. Of course, the only important question here is do you care? Considering Universal put out a pristine Blu-ray set of the film in its native 2D last year, is anyone really clamoring for a 3D version? New anniversary sets and DVD double dips are bad enough, but how much can our nostalgia for films be exploited before people stop turning up at theaters?

Plus, if you're going to see Jurassic Park given a new dimension, why not just check out Jurassic Farce?

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