'John Carter' Sequel Probably Not Happening After Disney Announces $200 Million Loss on the Film

'John Carter' Sequel Probably Not Happening After Disney Announces $200 Million Loss on the Film

Mar 19, 2012

Even though the film is still conquering the foreign box office (up to about $184 million worldwide), that still doesn't help Disney, who poured well over $250 million into John Carter in the hopes of it becoming their next big franchise. Unfortunately a turbulent marketing campaign -- complete with more stories about how this film will fail and should fail over anything else -- helped add to an uneasy feeling leading up to release. That uneasy feeling was made even more unpleasant today with Disney announcing losses of roughly $200 million on John Carter, all but sealing the fate of any sequel.

Here's their short and sweet press release, courtesy of Deadline:

“In light of the theatrical performance of John Carter ($184 million global box office), we expect the film to generate an operating loss of approximately $200 million during our second fiscal quarter ending March 31. As a result, our current expectation is that the Studio segment will have an operating loss of between $80 and $120 million for the second quarter. As we look forward to the second half of the year, we are excited about the upcoming releases of The Avengers and Brave, which we believe have tremendous potential to drive value for the Studio and the rest of the company.”

Folks will be analyzing this sucker for a long while -- why it failed, how it failed, what could've been done to make it more successful -- and the studio will look to make up some ground in 2012 with proven franchises and names like The Avengers and Pixar.

What did you think of John Carter? Would you be interested in a sequel? Where did Disney go wrong with the film, in your opinion?

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