'Jodorowsky's Dune' Trailer: Get a Look at the Sci-fi Classic That Almost Was

'Jodorowsky's Dune' Trailer: Get a Look at the Sci-fi Classic That Almost Was

Feb 14, 2014

It feels like forever since we first saw the electrifying Jodorowsky's Dune poster by artist Kilian Eng (pictured), which instantly captured our imagination. But nothing fascinates us more than the story behind the striking image, that of Alejandro Jodorowsky's attempt to adapt and film Frank Herbert's famed science fiction novel Dune in the 1970s.

Science fiction geeks have chattered for years about the elaborate production the eccentric director planned for Herbert’s tale and the failings of David Lynch’s big-screen version that followed. Now, a full trailer for the tell-all documentary has finally arrived, featuring interviews with most of the major players — including the great Jodorowsky himself.

When the Chilean-French filmmaker snagged rights to Herbert’s novel in 1975, he secured the talents of an eclectic crew to bring the futuristic saga to life. Salvador Dalí, Orson Welles and Gloria Swanson were on Jodorowsky’s most-wanted list for casting. Artists H. R. Giger (before Alien fame) and Jean Giraud (aka Moebius) would create the set and character designs. Prog groups Pink Floyd and Magma would be featured in the film’s soundtrack. It was an epic retelling that was closer to a re-creation than a mere adaptation, with Jodorowsky’s signature weird written all over it. Sadly, budget roadblocks stalled the project (Jodorowsky's script would have resulted in a film over 10 hours, and the preproduction costs reflected that), and rights eventually landed in Dino DeLaurentiis’ lap.

Look for the film on March 7 to learn more about Jodorowsky's incredible vision.




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