'Jaws' Meets 'Godzilla' in The Greatest Trailer Mash-up You'll Watch This Week

'Jaws' Meets 'Godzilla' in The Greatest Trailer Mash-up You'll Watch This Week

May 07, 2014

Jaws poster artIt’s no secret that we love Jaws. It’s also no secret that we're totally excited to finally see Gareth Edwards’ updating of Godzilla this summer. What is surprising is that this awesome video takes two things we're totally hyped about and mashes them together in what might be the coolest fan-made trailer ever (or at least the best one you'll watch this week).

Someone over at YouTube channel The Indie Toolbox has crafted this awesome mash-up preview called JawZilla. In it, viewers are treated to footage from Steven Spielberg’s classic killer-shark movie with the audio from the Godzilla trailer superimposed over the imagery. It works even better than listening to Pink Floyd while watching The Wizard of Oz.



Jaws already has a terrifying and unforgettable score (courtesy of John Williams), but it’s interesting to see the familiar footage with different audio cues. Even the inclusion of Bryan Cranston’s voice-over narration fits perfectly, as whoever edited this did a fantastic job of picking the right images to match the audio.

All your favorite Jaws moments are here – the lagoon attack, Ben Gardner’s head, the Hitchcock zoom – but the trailer is really amazing for nailing the quieter moments of the film. Williams’ score is iconic, but the Godzilla trailer music and effects make for an equally frightening preview.

Stick around until the end, where everything ties together perfectly – with Godzilla roaring on the audio track, while Bruce the Shark does his thing on the screen. Do trailer mash-ups get any better than this?



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