'Hugo' Producer May Have Found His 'Jersey Boys' Director

'Hugo' Producer May Have Found His 'Jersey Boys' Director

Jun 05, 2012

Jersey Boys

Jon Favreau will once again appear on screen alongside Iron Man, but he isn't directing the hero's third standalone feature film. That duty belongs to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang writer-director-genius Shane Black. So what is Favreau up to next? According to Variety, he's now the number one pick to direct GK Films' adaptation of the hit broadway play Jersey Boys: The Story of Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons.

A biopic would be an interesting change of pace for Favreau, who has spent the last decade sitting in the director's chair on increasingly large scale, action and effects-heavy tentpole films. However, after the critical and commercial disappointment that was the stale genre mashup Cowboys & Aliens, it may even be a necessary change of pace. Favreau was set to direct Magic Kingdom, a family adventure film about Disneyland characters and attractions coming to life, but his contention here likely means that film has been backburnered, perhaps in the wake of Alan Horn taking the reigns on film production at Disney. It would seem even though the studio is flush with cash after the mammoth success of The Avengers, they're still gun shy to commit to new blockbusters with high price tags.

Of course, until GK Films, which is also hurting from the recent under performance of Martin Scorsese's Hugo, and Favreau make it official, the future of both Jersey Boys and Magic Kingdom is all speculative. The latter wouldn't be the first time one of the director's expensive projects fell through; a few years ago he was set to direct John Carter of Mars for Paramount, but obviously his version died on the vine. So, we ask you, which would you rather see?

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