'Harper's Bazaar' Re-creates Scorsese's Famous Films in Photos

'Harper's Bazaar' Re-creates Scorsese's Famous Films in Photos

Oct 13, 2011


Martin Scorsese's Hugo — based on Brian Selznick's 2007 young-adult novel that follows a Parisian orphan and a strange family mystery — hits theaters November 23. To celebrate the director's career, Harper's Bazaar put together a unique photospread. They spoke to Scorsese's various past cast members and recreated famous scenes from his iconic filmography. Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, and other favorites are represented. Various stars were also interviewed and shared stories about their experiences filming with Marty.
The recreation of Taxi Driver probably makes the biggest impact. A plaid-clad Keanu Reeves looking pensive (or confused) sits next to a tarted up Chloe Moretz — who promises that her mom hasn't let her see the 1976 film yet. Jodie Foster played a 12-year-old prostitute in the movie, and the actress was about 13-years-old during the filming. Hopefully that will ease some concerns about seeing cutie-pie Moretz dressed like a streetwalker. Foster shared her story with Harper's about the experience:
"When we were shooting Taxi Driver, I think Marty was really uncomfortable with the fact that I was so young. The memory I have is of him and Robert De Niro trying to tell me how to unzip [De Niro's] pants. And Marty keeps bursting out laughing. He can't get a word out, and he tries to act serious, you know? He keeps smoothing down his face on both sides, but he just keeps laughing. And then De Niro decides he's going to take over because he can do it.  
Also pictured in the spread are Kate Bosworth as Michelle Pfeiffer in The Age of Innocence; Alessandro Nivola and Emily Mortimer for The Aviator; Michael Pitt, Vincent Piazza and Ben Kingsley look like old pros for Goodfellas; Christina Hendricks and Jack Huston remember Gangs of New York; and Emily Blunt for Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Check out more on Harper's website.

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