'Hannibal' TV Series Finds Its FBI Profiler

'Hannibal' TV Series Finds Its FBI Profiler

Mar 23, 2012

You probably just saw British actor Hugh Dancy in Martha Marcy May Marlene, which just hit DVD and VOD on February 21. Now, Deadline reports that the Black Hawk Down star will be appearing as troubled FBI profiler Will Graham in NBC's Hannibal series. The show is a twist on Thomas Harris' serial killer book series that starts with Red Dragon and will pick up at the very beginning of the duo's strange relationship.

The horror-thriller tale features the famed Dr. Hannibal Lecter — a brilliant, but deeply disturbed psychiatrist who is a cannibalistic monster. Unbeknownst to Agent Graham, Hannibal is the killer he's asked the great doctor for assistance in capturing. It doesn't take long for Graham to uncover the truth — which includes a few gory surprises.

Hannibal is also the name of a 2001 film adaptation starring Julianne Moore as the investigator, followed by Red Dragon in 2002 with Ed Norton as FBI agent Will Graham who calls upon Lecter for help yet again. The actor wasn't nearly as interesting to watch as Michael Mann's Will Graham in the 1986 film Manhunter — played by CSI's William Petersen. The role was a touch over the top, but Mann's neon nightmare of a movie is still the best of the Lecter films — yes, even including Oscar-winner Silence of the Lambs.

Graham's character requires a bit of darkness, vulnerability, and a strong enough personality to be featured next to charismatic killer, Lecter. We're not sure who will win that role just yet, but it's certainly big shoes to fill. (And to get totally off track, this writer prefers Manhunter's Brian Cox's Hannibal to Anthony Hopkins.) Still, it's good to see the series take shape, because we're mighty curious if they can actually pull it off. Let us know if you plan on tuning in — and weigh in on Dancy's casting — below.

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