'Guinness Book of World Records' Set Up at Warner Bros.; Paramount Registers 'Jackass 4' Domains

'Guinness Book of World Records' Set Up at Warner Bros.; Paramount Registers 'Jackass 4' Domains

Jun 08, 2012

Johnny Knoxville Bad Grandpa JackassIf you thought taking a board game like Battleship and turning it into a movie was a weird idea, today’s news makes that adaptation seem completely logical in comparison…

Warner Bros. is hard at work negotiating a rights deal to use The Guinness Book of World Records as the basis for an action film. Just let that sink in for a moment…

The popular book, which publishes annually and features a voluminous amount of “world records” in a wide range of categories, will be adapted for screen by Danny Chun. Chun’s task will be to somehow take categories like the person with the world’s longest fingernails and build a film around them, apparently. We have no idea how that will happen – and, frankly, it sounds like a terrible idea, but at least they can count on casting Samuel L. Jackson in a role – he’s in the book as the highest grossing actor of all time. [via Deadline]

The boys from Jackass aren’t in the Guinness Book, but they would be if there was a record for “World’s Most Hilariously Stupid Dangerous Stunts.” Even though the Jackass crew hasn’t earned that honor, they have released multiple films that have made hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office – and they’re about to serve up another helping.

/Film reports that Paramount has registered domains for Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa – hinting that not only is a new film in the works, but also letting audiences know what to expect.

Star Johnny Knoxville has created a “bad grandpa” character over the years – donning prosthetics to make himself look old and then wandering amongst the masses causing mayhem. The character’s most hilarious moments were in Jackass 2, where Knoxville takes his “grandson” out into LA and allows him to drink and smoke in front of citizens. When the outraged people react, Knoxville eggs them on in hilarious fashion.

Given the title, we’re assuming this new installment might focus solely on pranks involving Knoxville’s Irving Zissman character – and we’re totally cool with that.

Swing by website Fusible for a full list of the registered domain names – but before you do, check out one of Zissman’s greatest moments below (contains some NOT SAFE FOR WORK language}. 

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