'Ghostbusters' Re-Release Slated for October Plus Three Other Flicks We'd Love to See Back on the Big Screen

'Ghostbusters' Re-Release Slated for October Plus Three Other Flicks We'd Love to See Back on the Big Screen

Sep 14, 2011

Ghostbusters logoIf “bustin’ makes you feel good,” then the following story should brighten your day.

According to the film’s official Facebook page, Ghostbusters will be making theaters safe for patrons sometime next month. That’s right; the classic original film is slated for a re-release just in time for Halloween.

No word yet on when the film will officially release (or where it will play), but early sources are speculating that this is a wide scale event that will see the film in theaters nationwide – and even better, probably in a newly enhanced digital format. That’s exciting – the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man will look better than ever.

While we’re still not sold on the idea of a Ghostbusters 3 wherein the original team will pass the torch to a new group of spirit hunters, we’re 100% in favor of seeing Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Ackroyd, and Ernie Hudson on the big screen in the film that started it all. Fire up your proton packs (but don’t cross the streams!) in preparation for this momentous event. We’ll bring you full release details as soon as they’re announced.

All this news of Ghostbusters re-releases got us thinking – what other flicks deserved a return to the big screen in October? Since the month is synonymous with Halloween, the choices are of the spooky (and occasionally funny) variety. Here are our picks – three films we’d love to see re-released this October. The actual odds of any of these movies playing theatrically are somewhere between slim and nil, but it’s fun to imagine…

Trick ‘r Treat

Michael Dougherty’s 2007 film has become a Halloween standard amongst horror fans. Originally slated for a theatrical release, the film got buried at Warner Bros. and almost never came out at all. Luckily, the company finally relented and released the horror-fied Pulp Fiction-esque (the various storylines all intertwine) fright flick on DVD – where it gained instant cult status. The tragedy here is that it never got the big screen release it deserved. What better time to remedy that than in October, where the adventures of the mischievously evil spirit of Halloween, Sam (short of Samhain), could show Hollywood execs that horror fans don’t want sequels to Saw and Paranormal Activity every October 31st, but would prefer something original and exciting. We get giddy just thinking of a double feature showing Trick ‘r Treat and John Carpenter’s Halloween on Halloween night.


The Thing

A prequel to John Carpenter’s classic tale of terror is due out this October, which makes it a perfect time for the original (itself a remake…) to play theatrically again.

Carpenter’s film is an intensely claustrophobic and paranoia-fueled experience about a group of men at an Antarctic research station who come to fear each other when an alien that can take the shape of any living organism is discovered in their midst. Featuring an excellent ensemble cast (led by Kurt Russell), a terrifying story, and magnificent FX courtesy of Rob Bottin, this is a film begging for a big screen re-release – especially since the original theatrical release back in 1982 didn’t go so well. Audiences were more interested in the cuddly alien of E.T. than the shapeshifting nightmare of The Thing. We think people would benefit from seeing Carpenter’s classic before the prequel comes out.


Evil Dead

Speculation is that Ghostbusters is being re-released partially as a way to drum up interest in the long-delayed third film in the series. If that’s the case, why not do the same for Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead? For years, Raimi and star Bruce Campbell have hinted and teased about doing a fourth film in the popular franchise, so why not gauge interest by re-releasing the first (or even the second) film so that appreciative audiences can see it in a theater with surround sound?

Hardly anyone saw the original in a theater when it debuted, so the opportunity to finally catch this cult classic at your local multiplex would be sure to appeal to the countless fans out there clamoring for a new installment. In the immortal words of Ash, we think this idea is “groovy.”

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