'Ghostbusters' Director Paul Feig Will Produce 'Supermodel Snowpocalypse'

'Ghostbusters' Director Paul Feig Will Produce 'Supermodel Snowpocalypse'

Jul 26, 2016

Paul Feig has been weathering the storm of Ghostbusters fandom ire this year, and now he's about to take on a different sort of survival story involving women. This time the elements will be depicted on screen rather than felt externally, as the project is an adaptation of a true story about fashion models trapped in a blizzard in Chile in 1977. 

When you see the title Supermodel Snowpocalypse, you may think of a cheap horror movie filled with bikinis and blood splattered over fresh white powder (either sort). Actually, it's just a fascinating disaster drama where a young Jerry Hall (pictured below in Batman) and others involved with a Neiman Marcus fur catalog shoot became stranded for days. 

There actually are both sorts of white powder in this tale, which also entails a lot of cocaine use, gambling, an impromptu fashion show, and a sex-laden disco party straight out of New York's Studio 54. To find out what else happened before seeing the eventual movie version, check out the recent article in Elle magazine serving as the basis for the script. The author is Mickey Rapkin, who also wrote the source material behind the Pitch Perfect movies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Feig will only produce the adaptation, not direct. The question is what its tone will be like, since Feig and producing partner Jessie Henderson, aren't really known for making movies that aren't comedies. This story could easily be turned into a farce, but it might be more interesting if played straight.




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