'Ghostbusters 3' Update: Bill Murray Still Hasn't Read the Script; Studio Won't Make It Without Him

'Ghostbusters 3' Update: Bill Murray Still Hasn't Read the Script; Studio Won't Make It Without Him

Oct 21, 2011

Excuse us for sounding like a broken record, but we unfortunately have no choice when it comes to Ghostbusters 3. What we know is that a script is done and most of the original cast are behind the sequel. Dan Aykroyd has already started championing certain actors and actresses to come onboard as "the new Ghostbusters-in-training" and Sony Pictures is ready to make this sucker next year. Problem is ... Bill Murray is being a stubborn 10-year-old when it comes to this film, or at least that's how he's portrayed in the press.

According to the latest update via Deadline -- who report that Ghostbusters 3 (and Bad Teacher) writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg have teamed up with their Bad Teacher director Jake Kasdan on a new comedy -- Bill Murray still hasn't read the script, and if he has the actor has not initiated any sort of dealmaking yet. The site also claims Sony will not make the sequel without Murray, so we're either getting the whole gang or we're getting nothing. Kind of amusing that the guy who took paychecks to star in two Garfield movies is giving them such a hard time about this one, but what can you do -- Murray has become a bit difficult in his old age.

Meanwhile, this new untitled comedy from the Bad Teacher gang will return to that successful love triangle formula for a story about a Supercuts manager who falls for his employee's fiancee after he advises him to break it off with her.

Do you want to see a Ghostbusters 3 at this point? Or should the whole lot just forget about it?

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