'Galaxy Quest' Comic Revealed, Sequel Film a Possibility

'Galaxy Quest' Comic Revealed, Sequel Film a Possibility

Aug 01, 2014

Galaxy Quest Comic

Fans of Galaxy Quest have clamored for a sequel to the hilariously funny Star Trek spoof for years, and now they’re finally getting their wish – just not in the way they probably imagined.

IDW Comics is bringing the team to the printed page in the upcoming comic series Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues. Tim Allen’s Captain Nesmith and Sigourney Weaver’s Gwen DeMarco will live again thanks to writer Erik Burnham and artist Nacno Arranz, who’ve revealed plans for how the story will continue in the wake of the film. There is a spoiler for the film in there if you haven't managed to see it already.

“Well, at the end of their movie, Tim Allen's character, Jason, used the Omega 13 device to rewind time 13 seconds and undo the catastrophic death of his crew. (Um... sorry for the 15-year-old spoilers!) Messing with time. Maybe that affected more than the ship. If it was more widespread, sure, most folks would just have a powerful case of deja vu. But what if it changed something else? That's what we're starting with. They're the reason a new race -- called the Drythans -- seek them out and say, ‘You screwed something up. Fix it.’

"As a joke, I played with the conceit of how many sequels reuse certain beats from their predecessor when I introduce the cast in a similar way to the way they were first introduced in the movie. That one may be too meta to see without being told, but it still makes me chuckle … Everyone from the movie will be back. I was even asked to include Brandon, the role Justin Long played, so we got everyone. There will be a new race of aliens, too.”

This sounds pretty great – and if Burnham can nail the tone of the film, this might be a worthy follow-up to one of the ‘90s greatest cult classics.

However, if the idea of a comic-based sequel doesn’t thrill you, then perhaps the potential for an actual film will.

Galaxy Quest crew

MTV’s Jordan Hoffman recently shared an amazing oral history of the original film. In it, he reveals how the cast would love to do a sequel. Tim Allen even claims that the script exists.

“There’s a sequel somewhere. It’s written, but I haven’t really gotten a straight answer about it, but Hollywood is a very peculiar place. It is none of my business." 

Screenwriter Robert Gordon isn’t quite so forthcoming on the topic, telling Hoffman that “on the record, I definitely have ideas for a sequel.” He then goes off the record, making nerds everywhere salivate over just what those ideas might be. Hoffman’s not spilling the beans, apparently.

While there’s a big difference between having a cast and writer ready to make a sequel and actually getting the project on the screen, the fact that people are even talking about another Galaxy Quest 15 years after the film’s original release is exciting.

 What do you guys think? Are you up for more Galaxy Quest? What do you want to see in a sequel? Weigh in below.




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