'From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series' Photo Premiere: Meet the New Fuller Family

'From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series' Photo Premiere: Meet the New Fuller Family

Feb 13, 2014

A few weeks ago the first trailer hit for From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Robert Rodriguez's TV reboot of his action-horror classic about an unlikely group of people who find themselves going up against an ancient gang of vampires, and it was sort of like a highlight reel of moments from the movie mixed in with just a few new elements. And that's totally understandable. It's silly to remake something and then not try to market it in a way that play's up the audience's familiarity with the material. Having said that, Movies.com was recently able to spend a little bit of time on set to see what Rodriguez and his company were cooking up, and we came away pleasantly surprised by what the trailer didn't show us.

We can't report on the particulars of what impressed us until closer to the show's world premiere (which will be on March 8 at SXSW, followed by the TV premiere on March 11 on El Rey Network), but we'll just say that the format of the show is a rather unique and smart way to update any ideas that needed updating while also sticking with Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's brand of rich characters that continue to do things even when they're not in a scene we're currently watching. From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series is sort of like viewing the first movie through a prism that changes depending on which way you're looking through it, and if they pull it off, it's going to make for excellent television.

And considering this will be the anchor show for El Rey Network, a TV network launched by Rodriguez that doesn't have any of the design-by-committee problems so many network TV shows do (there's no room full of executives approving creative decisions, for starters), we think their odds of pulling it off are better than if they were on most other networks, including ones like AMC. It's a very interesting, exciting, and bold experiment, that's for sure.

We can't go too far into the details until closer to the show's premiere as part of the South by Southwest Film Festival's new Episodic programming series, which is a showcase of small screen projects that are worthy of the big screen experience. But in the meantime, we're happy to be able to premiere a new look at From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series in the form of this ominous photograph of the Fuller family, played from left-to-right by Brandon Soo Hoo, Robert Patrick, and Madison Davenport.





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