'Friday Night Lights' May Hit the Big Screen ... Again

'Friday Night Lights' May Hit the Big Screen ... Again

Jul 18, 2011

Friday Night LighsNBC's Friday Night Lights just received Emmy nominations for Best Drama and Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama (congrats Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton). The emotional series based on Peter Berg's 2004 film and the H.G. Bissinger book of the same name recently wrapped up its final season. Now Berg wants to bring the Texas football team together once more for another movie, " … with Chandler/Britton off the final episode,” according to Grantland.com EIC Bill Simmons. Apparently Berg is already working behind-the-scenes to make things happen, even though a rep for Universal says no Friday Night Lights project is in development.

Berg will be bringing the board game Battleship to the big screen (currently in post-production) and will be taking on the Navy SEAL action-drama Lone Survivor starring Taylor Kitsch. Berg also directed the 2007 actioner, The Kingdom, based on the Riyadh compound bombings, starring Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper, and Jennifer Garner. The small-town drama Friday Night Lights ran for five seasons and focused on the high school football team in Dillon, Texas, along with their coach, Eric Taylor (Chandler) and his family.

Do you want to see more of Coach Taylor and Tami, or did Friday Night Lights end on a perfect note for you?

[via: Indiewire]

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