The 'Evil Dead' Remake Now Has a Director

The 'Evil Dead' Remake Now Has a Director

Jul 12, 2011

The Evil DeadLate last night Dread Central began circulating a rumor that a long theorized remake of Sam Raimi's truly seminal horror film The Evil Dead was secretly holding casting calls in Detroit, Michigan for a quick and dirty shoot in the spirit of the original 1981 film (though, we should point out, the original was a dirty shoot, but it was far from quick).  Thing is, there have been rumors of an Evil Dead remake for years and years and years.  It finally being made in secret seemed no more plausible today than it did two years ago.  However, Bruce Campbell chimed in via Twitter to confirm that a remake was indeed in the works and that it was, "Cool as hell. Scary as hell."

But, again, horror fans have been hearing about a new Evil Dead film for quite some time.  Certainly the star of the original trilogy would know about an imminent remake, but part of me just wanted to believe that Campbell was just messing with the fan who asked him if there was any truth to the new rumors.  Why?  Because I don't want to see an Evil Dead remake.  I'm not against remakes, not in the least, it's just not something that excites me.  So, I was holding out that it was all hearsay once again.

Well, according to Bloody-Disgusting, Dread Central's initial report was correct.  Sam Raimi is not only gearing up for a remake of the film that launched his career, but he's hired its director.  B-D tells us the chap's name is Freddy Alvarez, and while that name may not jump out at you, it is one that makes sense.  Back in 2009 Raimi took notice of Alvarez' impressive short film Panic Attack and took the young director under his wing with the intent of bringing his robot invasion film to the big screen.  We haven't heard anything about their partnership since then.  Turns out they've been busy on something completely different all along.

But what say you?  Are you up for an Evil Dead remake?  And do you want to see it made by the guy who made this short?

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