'Escape From New York' Remake Story Details Uncovered -- It's a Prequel!

'Escape From New York' Remake Story Details Uncovered -- It's a Prequel!

Dec 02, 2016

Escape From New York

More than 35 years ago, John Carpenter's Escape From New York opened quietly in less than 600 theaters nationwide. Overshadowed by box office titans Superman II, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Stripes that week, Carpenter's followup to The Fog nonetheless benefited from good word of mouth and soon earned a favored place in the hearts of genre fans around the world.

Fifteen years later, Escape From L.A. again starred Kurt Russell, though it was not as well received as the original. Eventually talk turned to a remake, which has been stuck in development for a very long time. According to The Wrap, however, the first draft of Neal Cross's screenplay has been delivered to 20th Century Fox and the project is once again moving forward.

The report teased tantalizing details from the script, but to understand those points, we first turn to another source for a vital piece of news: it's a prequel, not a remake! The hope is that the prequel will be successful and lead to, or be a part of, a trilogy that leads to the original movie, which will be considered canon and require the prequels to harmonize with its premise.

That's from a report by Bloody Disgusting, which also claims that Snake Plissken (originally played by Kurt Russell) will not have an eyepatch yet. We still don't know, though, when exactly the new movie will be set. If it is indeed a prequel, it would need to take place before the original, which was set in 1997. Does that suggest the whole thing moves into an alternate timeline? 

We don't know. But having in mind that the new movie will be a prequel, the spoiler-filled script details uncovered by The Wrap make sense. Here are a few highlights:

-- Snake Plissken's first name at birth is revealed. (Hint: it's not Snake.)

-- A different villain is introduced, rather than the Duke of New York (originally played by Isaac Hayes).

-- A female law enforcement official, rather than the top dog played by Lee Van Cleef, is introduced to send Snake on his mission

-- The story begins somewhere other than New York City.

-- The length of Snake's mission has been cut in half.

Hollywood is notorious for making sometimes radical changes to first-draft scripts, but we'll be happy to see the project make its way to the big screen and introduce Snake Plissken to new audiences.

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