'Dinosaurs vs. Aliens' is Not a Silent Film, Says Barry Sonnenfeld (Plus More Details)

'Dinosaurs vs. Aliens' is Not a Silent Film, Says Barry Sonnenfeld (Plus More Details)

May 23, 2012

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens artworkCowboys & Aliens didn’t exactly wow anyone at the box office, but perhaps it was because the high concept didn’t quite work. Comics scribe Grant Morrison and director Barry Sonnenfeld are hoping that’s the case as they prep a new project entitled Dinosaurs vs. Aliens. Website io9 got Sonnenfeld to share some details about the project while he was promoting Men in Black 3.

The filmmaker tackled the biggest question surrounding the feature by assuring the site that even though the script features a cast of non-human (and potentially non-speaking) characters, it isn’t going to be a silent film.

“The aliens speak in a way [that] you can understand them. And the dinosaurs — they actually have a certain amount of culture, through grunts and doing stuff with their bodies and sticks. We believe that the Dinosaurs had culture. They didn't speak, but they did have other ways of communicating. It won't be a problem, and it will be pretty fantastic.”

Those worried that a prehistoric war between a group of reptiles and an alien race advanced enough to master the science of long distance space travel might be a little one-sided needn’t worry too much, because these dinosaurs are smart and will learn to use weaponry. Okay…

“They (the dinosaurs) learn from the aliens. They're very smart — that's one of the things about the dinosaurs. That makes them possibly the way they really were. They have rudimentary things, but they learn as they go along from the aliens.”

We’re not saying dinosaurs weren’t potentially intelligent creatures (those raptors in Jurassic Park looked clever and devious to us…), but we remain unconvinced that dinosaurs will learn alien tactics and technology on the fly. Although the idea of a movie where dinosaurs run around shooting giant lasers would have impressed the heck out of us when we were 10.

We’ll just have to wait and see how Dinosaurs vs. Aliens develops (those really curious can pick up the graphic novel, scheduled for release later this summer). The project is still in its early stages, with Sonnenfeld planning a trip to Hollywood in the coming weeks to show off his script and drum up studio interest. We expect to know more details when that happens. We’ll keep you posted.

Will dinosaurs be able to do what cowboys couldn’t when it comes to taking on aliens and conquering the box office? Let us know what you think below. 

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