'Deadpool 2' Is Getting an Extended Director's Cut

'Deadpool 2' Is Getting an Extended Director's Cut

May 22, 2018

You've already seen Deadpool 2. You must have, given the opening weekend gross. Do you want to see it again? What if there's an extra 12 minutes added to the sequel?

That's right, Deadpool 2 is getting an extended cut -- a director's cut, in fact, one approved by helmer David Leitch (who shared the news with Cinema Blend), writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and star Ryan Reynolds. 

The version of the movie in theaters is about two hours long, but before delivering that final cut there was a preferred version that was just 12 minutes longer. Leitch and the others are now restoring that cut, presumably for the home video release later this year (but possibly for a theatrical re-release). For the most part, the additions will be extra jokes, but also an extended scene at the X-Mansion and a whole montage. 


We already know about a couple deleted scenes courtesy of Fandango's interview with Reese and Wernick. There's one where Deadpool goes back in time and strangles Hitler as a baby. That was shot and could be on the home video release -- or maybe added into the extended cut? The other was a Chris Evans cameo that wasn't filmed and so can't be made available. 

As for what we will see in the longer version, here are some bits Leitch confirmed to Cinema Blend will be included:

X-Mansion Scenes

There's more of a set up to a certain joke that is in the theatrical cut about Colossus and a soap dispenser, according to Reese, also to Cinema Blend:

There's an earlier scene where they're in the kitchen and Colossus is trying to get the soap dispenser to work. And he's like, 'This won't work.' And Deadpool's like, 'Just give it a few extra pumps. I just filled it.'

And an extra bit with Deadpool performing a kitchen chore, according to Reese:

The kitchen scene was fun. He's labeling stuff in the refrigerator as he was told to do. And so he's putting Velcro labels on, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead is not buying his go-straight routine. She's like, 'I see through you, you're still full of shit.' It was fun.

Suicide Montage

After Vanessa is killed, Deadpool doesn't want to live, so he tries to commit suicide in various ways, a la Groundhog Day. This description comes via Reese and Wernick's recent Reddit AMA:

One thing we really wanted to see (and actually shot!) was a Deadpool suicide montage, where DP is trying to kill himself over and over in increasingly violent ways (drinking Drano, jumping into a polar bear enclosure), etc. You should be able to see it on the DVD!

More Domino

If you couldn't get enough of Zazie Beetz's Domino, you're in luck, according to Leitch's interview with Cinema Blend: 

There's some extra Domino stuff. There's a lot of fun little bits, and then a lot of alts! We're looking for every place we can put an alt.

Some of those "alt" or alternate takes and jokes might be better served in a deleted scene montage rather than substituting in for what's already there, but we'll know more when the extended cut (or is it an "x-tended cut"?) is made available. 

For now, see the shorter version of Deadpool 2 currently in theaters.

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