'Dark Side of the Moon' Pokes Fun at Kubrick Conspiracy Theorists

'Dark Side of the Moon' Pokes Fun at Kubrick Conspiracy Theorists

Jul 30, 2014

Apollo 11 moon landing

Last week, we celebrated both the 45-year anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, and what would have been the 86th birthday of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. While those things might seem completely unrelated to most of us, conspiracy theorists have seen a link for years, claiming we never actually landed on the moon and that the government hired Kubrick to film the fake moon landing here on Earth.

While French filmmaker William Karel is not a moon-landing denier, he’s not above having a little fun with the idea of Kubrick being the visual genius who duped the entire world into believing that we actually walked on the surface of that floating white orb in the sky.

Karel’s Dark Side of the Moon is a 2002 parody that posits that Kubrick did indeed film the fake moon landing – and presents its case using interview footage with Henry Kissinger, Kubrick’s wife Christiane, and Buzz Aldrin. Of course, it also features an interview with Jack Torrance – Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining, and a firm reminder to the cinema savvy that this is all a big joke.

The idea of Kubrick filming a fake moon landing has found new traction in conspiracy-theory circles as of late, thanks in no small part to the documentary Room 237. That film examines some of the more outlandish theories surrounding The Shining – with some believing the adaptation is Kubrick’s subtle admission of his involvement in the Apollo 11 tomfoolery. Things get taken to even greater extremes in The Shining Code 2.0.

Check out Dark Side of the Moon below. You can find The Shining Code 2.0 and Room 237 on VOD if you’re looking for more Kubrickian kookiness.

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