'Dark Knight Rises' Update: New Trailer, Possible Runtime, An Hour of IMAX Footage, Exec Calls Film "Groundbreaking" and More

'Dark Knight Rises' Update: New Trailer, Possible Runtime, An Hour of IMAX Footage, Exec Calls Film "Groundbreaking" and More

Apr 23, 2012

Dark Knight Rises teaserIt was a busy weekend for updates on The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s final film in his Batman trilogy – but don’t fret if you missed the latest updates. We’ve got them all right here for you in our Monday morning Dark Knight-themed roundup.

On Friday, news broke that the newest trailer for the film will air in what seems like an unlikely place – ahead of screenings of Marvel’s The Avengers. While DC and Marvel may be rivals on the shelves at your local comic book retailer, it doesn’t seem to carry over to the world of film in the way you might expect. As website ComicBookMovie.com points out, this is the second time Nolan has paired a Batman trailer with a Marvel film – the first being The Dark Knight with Iron Man. Warner Bros. thinks the move makes sense despite the fact Marvel and DC are competitors. The audience for The Avengers will certainly be the same audience for Batman’s latest feature.

As for the trailer itself, rumors indicate that it will focus on Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman – which is less exciting than we were hoping.

One final trailer news tidbit – that may not be the only new TDKR material headed our way. Sources indicate that the trailer release will coincide with the unveiling of new banner-sized posters of Batman, Catwoman, and Bane as well.

-- With the debut of a new trailer, it seems likely that the film’s hype level will reach a full-on fever pitch – and that's sure to be helped along by a new quote from Jeff Goldstein, the Executive Vice President of Domestic Distribution at Warner Bros.

Goldstein says “This is what a summer popcorn movie is all about. I don’t want to oversell it, but this has elements that are ground-breaking and are really a thrill ride.”

Sure, we expect Goldstein to say good things about one of his studio’s biggest releases of the year, but the Bat-faithful will likely take this as another sign that the film is destined to be an instant classic. 

-- Fans have been buzzing for months, wondering how long the The Dark Knight Rises will be – and the Australian Event Cinemas blurb for the film may have given us an answer.

The film’s info sheet on the chain’s website lists the movie’s run time as 2:40 – which makes it roughly seven minutes longer than The Dark Knight, but about 20 minutes short of the three hour mark some folks were anticipating.

There’s no official confirmation on whether or not this time is accurate, but it feels about right. If TDKR isn’t 2:40 long, we’re guessing it will be in that same ballpark. [ComicBookMovies.com]

-- Regardless of how long The Dark Knight Rises is, we do know one thing – over an hour of that footage will be shot with IMAX cameras.

If this pans out (and the source is The Wall Street Journal, so it’s pretty reliable), that would mean that Nolan’s newest film has more IMAX footage than any other mainstream film release in history and roughly twenty more minutes of IMAX material than his previous entry, The Dark Knight.

Meanwhile, IMAX theaters have left their calendars clear for August and September – presumably to give The Dark Knight Rises as much screen time as possible. There will be 100 IMAX locations showing the film across the country – and if you can get to one, we highly recommend it. 

Update: We're hearing there are inaccuracies in the above WSJ storyas it pertains to the IMAX footage, amount of IMAX theaters and the runtime of the film. We'll update when we have accurate answers to those questions.

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