'Citizen Kane' Controversy Ends with Hearst Castle Screening

'Citizen Kane' Controversy Ends with Hearst Castle Screening

Jan 17, 2012


The controversy between Orson Welles' Citizen Kane and William Randolph Hearst will be coming to an end on March 9, when the greatest film of all time (for many, anyway) will be screened at the Hearst Castle Visitor Center in San Simeon as part of the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival.
In case you've been out of the loop for the past seven decades, Hearst opposed the film (even though he'd never seen it) as he felt it unfairly depicted him as an unscrupulous tycoon. "[The movie] bothered W.R. in a large way," great-grandson Steve Hearst shared in a recent interview. "He realized people would be making a judgment about him based on the film." So great was the threat of Hearst's backlash, many major theater companies refused to screen the movie, fearing the media mogul would out Hollwood's biggest celebrity scandals in print. There were even attempts to trash the negatives, but the young Hearst has no fear. "I obviously don’t believe it to be an accurate depiction of W.R. or his love for the property, his lifestyle, associations and demeanor." He also describes his great-grandfather's hilltop estate as " … a light, lovely, sunny ... very bright, a joyous place to be," and believes this event will be a great way to share a more positive message about his legendary namesake.
Find out screening info on the film festival website. If you can't make it, gawk at Hearst's riches over here.

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