'Cinderfella': You've Never Seen the Cinderella Story Told Quite Like This Before

'Cinderfella': You've Never Seen the Cinderella Story Told Quite Like This Before

Jul 25, 2012


American Idol Season Nine contestant Todrick Hall has created a musical spin-off that combines classic Disney fairy tale films, current popular songs, and a message of love. Cinderfella features the singer in the role of the downtrodden scullery maid who finds his way to the ball and falls in love. The gay retelling of the heartwarming tale features a wicked Janice Dickinson (and her Botox), Lance Bass (exuding super-duper rainbow powers), some of the girls from RuPaul's Drag Race (yay!), and Disney princesses singing about making out together. Hall wrote of the video:
"I wanted to tell this famous fairy tale in a new and innovative way, combining familiar top 40 songs with classic Disney melodies. This story speaks volumes and I think that love is as classic as this fairy tale. It's time for us to legalize love in all shapes and colors. Please support this movement by posting this on your social media sites."
Watch it below.


[via Vulture]

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