'Charlie's Angels' Meets 'The Exorcist' in Real Life: Watch the Teen Girl Trio Who Cast Demons Back to Hell

'Charlie's Angels' Meets 'The Exorcist' in Real Life: Watch the Teen Girl Trio Who Cast Demons Back to Hell

Apr 06, 2012

It's been an Exorcist kind of week around here, so why stop now? Evangelist Bob Larson was a popular figure during the satanic panic craze of the 1980s. The radio and television personality regularly spoke about the devil infiltrating the innocent masses and interviewed folks like husband and wife Zeena Lavey (yes, Anton's daughter) and musician Nikolas Schreck about their wacky satanic shenanigans. Larson's still at it — and this time he's enlisted the help of his three teenage daughters. Brynne, Tess, and Savannah are ridding the world of demons one exorcism at a time. The girls do things that your average kid might enjoy — like horseback riding, Karate, and beauty pageants — but they have a side gig: Satan.

The bubbly gang of exorcists charge around four hundred bucks to cast demons out of people who claim their lives have been destroyed by the devil. Larson says he's performed over 15,000 exorcisms, so obviously the guy is trying to keep the family business going strong. The preacher shares in the video below that we may be seeing his family on a reality television series — you know, so he can exploit his daughters further. Check out the clip we originally spotted on io9, and listen to one woman talk about being raped repeatedly by demons and not get the psychological help she probably needs. Cheery!


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