'Catching Fire' Set Photo Roundup and Alternative 'Hunger Games' Halloween Costume Ideas

'Catching Fire' Set Photo Roundup and Alternative 'Hunger Games' Halloween Costume Ideas

Oct 17, 2012

Welcome to The Hunger Games Countdown, our resident expert's continued guide to all things Hunger Games on the way to the film's sequel, Catching Fire.

Warning: This Countdown contains set and plot spoilers!

Set Photo Roundup

As expected, the Hunger Games: Catching Fire has been a prime target for sneaky photographers and, as a result, we’ve gotten a peek at quite a few of the film’s Georgia sets.

Marriott Marquis: On Location Vacations has kept an eye on the building of a stage on the roof of the Marriott Marquis. The fact that the filmmakers have been focusing on Reaping scenes suggests this stage may serve a purpose in relation to those moments. If they’re going through the trouble of working on a rooftop, it makes the most sense that the scene actually calls for a rooftop location, perhaps even to allow for a hovercraft landing. Many are calling the stage a runway and suggesting it’s a place for Katniss to model wedding dresses, but the railings they put up on either side say walkway to me. I’m betting the square portion of the structure is a doorway, characters exit, board a hovercraft and take off.

District 12: When you make a movie in one state and relocate to a new one, it begs the question: What happens to locations that are supposed to look the same? So is the case with District 12. According to @MissPublicityNY (via Down with the Capitol), she took this photo (see below) while standing in the Georgia version of District 12. It looks to be an interior with light hitting the floor courtesy of what could be skylights and windows. My best guess is that this is the new Hob, but if that’s the case, it’s going to require a hefty flooring job as the North Carolina version had hardwood floors. Then again, the Peacekeepers do burn the Hob to the ground and it’s totally possible that production will be working with two versions of the building, pre and post torching.

Victory Tour/Reaping Stage: @sjlong15 is one lucky lady. She posted a photo from the set of a stop on the Victory Tour (via DWTC). Which stop? I imagine most public District ceremonies take place outside in front of their Justice Building, but there’s also the chance that eventually the stage will be surrounded by green screen, which could be a way to bang out a number of Victory Tour stops using just one set. But, then there’s this image posted by @zoewilson12, suggesting it’s far more likely that this set is portable and is being wheeled around the Peachtree DeKalb Airport. Slip those LXXV (75) banners in and then the stage doubles for Reaping sets, too, just like what we see in these photos from Hypable of the District 6 Reaping. I do have to point out, those morphlings look much healthier that I had imagined. Hunger Games Trilogy also caught this shot of Lawrence, Harrelson and Hutcherson rehearsing for a Victory Tour scene at that same location.

Capitol Cars: Two Twitter users, @PatriciaKalmeij and @BuffyWhite1029 (via The Hob), snapped some photos of Humvee-like trucks adorned with the Capitol seal. It’s a safe bet to assume that these babies will come into play by shuttling Katniss and Peeta around during the Victory Tour or serve as Peacekeeper transportation, if not both.

Capitol Car

Jennifer, Josh and Peacekeepers: Just Jared recently loaded up a new gallery of Catching Fire set photos including a number of shots of Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson as well as some good looks at the new Peacekeeper uniform. As it’s tough to get a clear shot of Lawrence’s costume, it’s the Peacekeeper outfit that’s the big takeaway. In The Hunger Games, the Capitol’s police force simply wore black boots, white pants, a white top with a bulletproof vest-like shield over it and something along the lines of your average police helmet.

The Peacekeepers in these photos, on the other hand, rock white boots, a more heavily padded getup, a futuristic-style helmet and a rather large gun. I’m big on continuity, but in this case, the change is certainly an upgrade, but not one that’s drastic enough to be distracting. 

Alternative ‘Hunger Games’ Halloween Costume Ideas

Yes, those Hunger Games training shirts are cool, but can you image how many girls will slip one on, pick up a bow and call themselves Katniss for Halloween? And sorry guys, but even though Catching Fire has yet to hit theaters, going shirtless with a trident in hand likely won't be all that original either. If it's a choice between going with the obvious and being one of many iterations of the main characters or a lesser known one and only having the diehard fans recognize your creativity, I'd vote for the latter.

Twill: This is a two for one! Start with a Peacekeeper costume -- anything all white will do with some shoulder pads down the sleeves to bulk it up, and then just run some dirt on it. If Halloween is a cold night, you're in luck because the Twill getup requires a Peacekeeper white fur cloak, or, for the cost savvy, animal-friendly version, a white fleece blanket. Track down a stray tree branch for your cane, doodle a mockingjay on a soggy piece of bread and you're all set. Find a friend to be your Bonnie and you'll really sell the look.

Mockingjay Crackers


Greasy Sae: Hanging in this Halloween? Dress up and feed the hungry Greasy Sae-style. There isn't too much description in the way of Greasy Sae's look, but she's old, bony and lives in a rather poor District; I'd like to bet most imagine her wearing rags of sorts. However, the key to this costume isn’t your appearance, rather what you're dishing out to the kiddies. Whip out a bowl of mystery meat and tell your trick-or-treaters you made them some delicious wild dog, but before slopping it into their bags, toss in some candy instead and hope their parents have a sense of humor.

A Mutation: All hope isn’t lost for those of you who are just itching to wear those training shirts. Slip it on and top it off with a mask like this and you can represent a dead tribute-turned-Capitol mutation.

Seneca Crane: Seneca Crane was such a popular character that his beard itself was a phenomenon, but this is the movie industry, the masses forget, fast. But the beauty of dressing up like Seneca is that the masses will also remember fast. Get yourself a red suit and shave that iconic design into your beard - or just draw it on with a black marker - and you'll be one of few dressed as someone everyone knows and loves.

A Parachute: Oh, it’s possible. Check out this parachute costume from Roblox or the one this little boy rocked to trick-or-treat as a paratrooper. Rig up something similar and walk around with a metallic bowl filled with the sponsor gift of your choice.

Hunger Games Parachute

Cressida: Get ahead of the game and step into the shoes of Mockingjay's Cressida. Think news reporter. Cressida ditches the Capitol during the rebellion and puts her directing skills to use by making propos (propaganda videos) for the rebels. The big question is whether or not you’re willing to shave your head and draw some green vines on it. Recruit two friends to strap on insect shells for camera equipment and one more to don two ears full of earrings, and you’ll have a full Star Squad camera crew.

Tigris: Another Mockingjay character with a prime look for Halloween re-creation is the Capitol’s Tigris. She’s just trying to make a living as a fur shop owner, but, in true Capitol tradition, Tigris has a unique style of her own, something that compels Katniss to dub her “The strangest person I’ve ever seen.” The skin of her face is pulled back tightly and adorned with black and gold stripes. Right smack in the middle is an abnormally flattened nose with whiskers stemming from it. Tigris’ face is designed to resemble a cat. You’ll have to find a talented makeup artist to help you pull this one off, but should you nail the look, you’ll have an unnervingly beautiful costume.

The Hunger Games Countdown runs here on Movies.com every other Wednesday. There are 400 days until the release of Catching Fire.

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