'Carrie' Remake Bloodies Up New York Comic-Con

'Carrie' Remake Bloodies Up New York Comic-Con

Oct 14, 2012

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Wouldn’t it have been cool if someone doused Chloe Moretz in pig’s blood, and out of rage she sent objects flying throughout the room and the IGN Theater erupted in pure chaos? Sadly there’s no firsthand account of Carrie’s rage to report from New York Comic-Con, but Moretz, Julianne Moore, producer Kevin Misher and director Kimberly Peirce did offer up a sense of what we can expect from the highly anticipated remake.

With roots in the Stephen King novel, Carrie features Moretz as the title character, a teenager with an overbearing mother (Moore) and abusive peers who loses it, unleashing the wrath of her telekinetic powers on the town.

The Big Highlights

-- The teaser (online this weekis short and sweet, but has a nice energy and eeriness to it. The environment, effects and camera movement hint at the modernization of the material and a potentially flashier shooting style. Too short to confirm the remake is going to be worthwhile, but it at least puts it on the right track.

-- Peirce’s movie sticks closely to Stephen King’s novel, not Brian De Palma’s movie. For example, just like in the book, the destruction is much more widespread, whereas in the 1976 film it’s sequestered to the high school.

-- Blood isn’t merely blood in Carrie. There is so much blood in this movie, it had to be categorized by type – wet blood, fire blood, dry blood, etc. Peirce estimates that there were about 50 blood dumps and for all they had to consider how many gallons, what the consistency should be and from what angle the blood should be dumped. Between tests and filming, they used about 1,000 gallons of blood.

-- Expect a more thorough explanation of Margaret’s past and how she came to adopt her extreme ideals. As per the book, Moore explains Margaret moved away from her family, joined a religious sect, formed her own religious sect, her husband died, she looked at her unborn child as a cancer and then delivered the baby alone. She’s got good reason to have serious issues, huh?

-- The film should feature a good deal of stunts for Moore and Moretz, Moore noting that it was important to her to make Moretz feel safe, as they do push it pretty far as far as the stunts are concerned.

-- Peirce did consult with De Palma, but only when she first started working on Carrie.

-- Stephen King is generally hands-off when it comes to the adaptation of his work.

Moore and Moretz on the Carrie Panel

-- Moore notes that the biggest difference between Sissy Spacek as Carrie and Moretz as Carrie is that Spacek was 26 when she brought the character to life. Moretz is an actual teenager.

-- At the start of filming, Peirce wanted 15-year-old Moretz to play older when portraying Carrie who’s supposed to be 17, 18. When they hit the middle of filming, Peirce gave Moretz the opposite direction, asking her to play younger. Moretz and Peirce agree that this was due to Moretz’s transformation as an actress during filming.

-- Big changes will come courtesy of technological advancements, and, according to Peirce, this is what should allow the two films to exist as two successful, equal and great things.

-- There’s a dangerous through line involving a girl using social media.

-- Peirce calls the mother-daughter relationship “profound” and “the heart and soul of our entire story.”

-- Carrie is a dark, morbid horror movie, but will also be funny.

-- Carrie will be rated R.

-- The large majority of Q&A participants reference Kick-Ass, so regardless of whether or not Carrie is a hit, Moretz will forever be known as Hit Girl.

-- Call (207) 404-2604 to get a taste of what life is like at home with Carrie Margaret.

Carrie Panel

The Footage

The folks in the IGN Theater were fortunate to be the first to catch Carrie’s very first teaser trailer. Not all that much to describe in the way of footage, but the piece did feature a sprawling shot of an entire town being burned to the ground. Yes, an entire town, not just a high school. The viewpoint moves down the fiery street while an eerie lone-female-sung tune gives way to dialogue playing in the background offering up various quotes, including, “This was always such a peaceful town,” and, “She wasn’t some monster, she was just a girl.” Finally we land on a very bloody Carrie, standing right smack in the middle of the destruction.

Best Quotes

-- “I just got used to going home every night covered in blood.” – Chloe Moretz

-- “The more connected you are as people, the further you can go as actors.” – Julianne Moore

-- “No pigs were harmed in the making of this movie.” – Kevin Misher

Carrie hits theaters on March 15, 2013.

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