'Captain America' Concept Art: See What the Winter Soldier and Falcon Almost Looked Like

'Captain America' Concept Art: See What the Winter Soldier and Falcon Almost Looked Like

Jun 04, 2014

Captain America Concept Art Falcon 1

With summer blockbuster season shifting into high gear, it seems like ages since Captain America: The Winter Soldier was wowing Marvel fans at the box office. Some were so impressed by the feature they christened it “the best film in the Marvel universe” – and now it’s sort of been pushed out of the spotlight by movies like Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Your time in the limelight is short in the movie business, it seems.

However, we can revisit the magic of Cap’s latest adventure before it hits Blu-ray this coming September by checking out these newly revealed pieces of concept art that come from artist Josh Nizzi’s website.

The new designs offer different takes on the Winter Soldier and Falcon -- and like most conceptual art, they’re interesting as a historical document, but we’re generally happy that they went with other designs for the finished film.

Check out the images below, then swing by Nizzi’s site for even more of his work.

Captain America Concept Art 2

Captain America Concept Art 3

Captain America Concept Art 5

[via Comic Book Movie]

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