'Captain America: Civil War' Casts a Remarkable Actor As a Villain

'Captain America: Civil War' Casts a Remarkable Actor As a Villain

Nov 14, 2014

Every year there's plenty of performances that never get the recognition they deserve from the Academy Awards. And that's certainly true of Daniel Brühl, who gave one of the finest performances of 2013 as F1 race car driver Niki Lauda in Rush. But, despite movies like Inglourious Basterds and The Fifth Estate, Brühl hasn't just been overlooked by the Academy, he's been overlooked by American audiences in general.

That's definitely about to change, though, because Brühl has just been cast as the villain in Captain America: Civil War.

We don't know precisely who Brühl will be playing in the film, which brings back The Winter Soldier directors Joe and Anthony Russo, we just know he'll be causing a spot of trouble for Captain America and Iron Man (and presumably Black Panther, who is already confirmed to appear in the movie) in the movie. But even without knowing who he is, this is the kind of casting that's instantly exciting. Brühl is not afraid to get weird and committed and unlikeable, which are all of the qualities you need to deliver a truly great villain.

It's worth noting that while Marvel's official announcement only mentions Brühl for Captain America: Civil War, Variety is claiming that he's actually not the main bad guy in that movie, but may actually be the core villain in Doctor Strange. So feel free to speculate below as to who you think he'll be playing, but either way, it is great, great news for fans everywhere that Marvel has brought someone of his caliber into their universe.





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