'By the Sea' Trailer: Watch Angelina Jolie Kick Brad Pitt to the Curb

'By the Sea' Trailer: Watch Angelina Jolie Kick Brad Pitt to the Curb

Oct 30, 2015

You can kick a little harder when you're married to your costar in real life, according to this amusing gif from the new trailer for By the Sea.

The film -- starring real-life lovers Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as a severely dysfunctional married couple vacationing in 1970s France -- is keeping much of its story (and dialogue) under wraps so far, and instead serving up these deliciously moody previews full of grand music cues and lots of unhappiness between its two stars.

Check it out below. 

By the Sea hits theaters on November 13, and it's a lot different from the last movie that starred the pair, 2007's Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Jolie, fresh off back-to-back directorial efforts with the smaller In the Land of Blood and Honey and the bigger awards-friendly Unbroken, once again steers this relationship drama from behind the camera while also starring -- a first for her (not including the documentary she directed, A Place in Time).

Will Jolie find herself back in the awards race for a second year in a row? What do you think?

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