'Breaking Dawn' Birthing Scene Reportedly Causing Seizures

'Breaking Dawn' Birthing Scene Reportedly Causing Seizures

Nov 25, 2011

Did you feel uncomfortable watching the last entry in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn? Was it because you couldn't believe what you were seeing on the big screen? Or was it because you literally couldn't see anything on the big screen because you were on the soda-covered floor of your favorite multiplex, convulsing from a Robert Pattinson-induced seizure? As plausible as the former is, the latter is apparently a reality as reports are coming in that Breaking Dawn is causing people around the country to succumb to a sudden bout of apoplexy.

According to CBS Sacramento, the scene in question is the much buzzed-about birthing sequence. However, the blackouts aren't being attributed to the content of the scene, which is mind-blowing but hardly graphic, but the presentation of it. For added intensity, director Bill Condon decided to intercut the sequence with flashes of various colors, which are said to be hitting a little too hard for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

CBS only cites one local Sacramento man who apparently blacked out during the sequence, but they do mention that, "similar incidents have been reported in theaters around the country." So, if you happen to know that you're sensitive to reds, whites, and blacks strobing at your poor retinas, you may want to close your eyes while watching Breaking Dawn. Or not, because then you can say Twilight literally broke your brain.

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