'Branded' Trailer: Leelee Sobieski, Jeffrey Tambor and Max von Sydow vs Wacky Russian Special Effects

'Branded' Trailer: Leelee Sobieski, Jeffrey Tambor and Max von Sydow vs Wacky Russian Special Effects

May 08, 2012

Alien invasion movies are a dime a dozen these days, but that doesn't stop us from getting excited about them. The good ones - last year's Attack the Block, for example -can be ridiculously fun, and the bad ones, well, those can be fun too if the right amount of alcohol is applied. Judging from the looks of the trailer for Branded (aka Moscow 2017), though, we're not sure we're going to survive the liquor this one is going to require.

Going off the trailer alone here, I can't tell if it's a legit alien invasion film or a satire on consumer culture. Either way, 2017 apparently sees the release of a Resident Evil: Extinction knockoff called President Devil: Restitution, Ed Stoppard gets really angry when it rains, and Leelee Sobieski and Jeffrey Tambor both stare longingly at the sun setting over Moscow right before a bunch of consumer icons like the Microsoft logo come alive and attack the city seemingly at the behest of a champagne-loving Max von Sydow.

Thanks to this description from Darclight Films, which uses the English title Branded, I'm not even sure if those corporate logos come to life are aliens or the result of a scientific experiment gone wrong:

BRANDED is a dark and mind-bending journey into a surreal, dystopian society where corporate brands have unleashed a monstrous global conspiracy to get inside our minds and keep the population disillusioned, dependent and passive. One man’s Misha (Ed Stoppard) passion to unlock the truth behind the conspiracy will lead to an epic battle with the hidden forces that really control our world.

Whatever the case, this looks both grand and cheap at the same time, and that guarantees this Syfy movie-loving fool will watch it when it hits theaters and VOD (seriously, Roadside Attractions bought this) this September.

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