'Blair Witch' Actress Trades Shaky Cam for Career in Medical Marijuana

'Blair Witch' Actress Trades Shaky Cam for Career in Medical Marijuana

Dec 20, 2011

You probably remember her as the girl with the runny nose in The Blair Witch Project. Heather Donahue ended the 1999 film with a scream, but since the shaky-cam classic she's been wearing a permanent smile. The star is now more popularly known as "GrowGirl" since the actress started producing medical marijuana in California over four years ago.

Frustrated with her acting career, Donahue apparently torched her belongings and began anew. "I took all my stuff into the desert related to my acting career and burned it all," she told Philly.com. (Fear not, she saved the blue ski cap from the iconic movie.) After that, she lit up elsewhere and started cultivating premium indoor-grown weed. After receiving a prescription to assist with PMS issues, she felt there was a personal stake in her product.

Most recently, she's been writing about her experiences and has apparently given up peddling pot, but believes it's here to stay. "There has been enough support for medical use if not outright legalization that I don't think it will go away." When asked how often she indulges, the actress only replied, "It's a very flexible medicine."

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