'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Trailer: See Why People Are Raving About This Sundance Winner

'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Trailer: See Why People Are Raving About This Sundance Winner

May 02, 2012

The first trailer for Beasts of the Southern Wild has arrived online, and it does a great job of teasing all of the powerful emotions that pour out of this thing from the first frame forward. There's a reason why there was such a buzz at Sundance surrounding this film (it won the fest's big Grand Jury award, and is next set to premiere at Cannes this month), and while it may not hit everyone the same way it hit me (or others), when it does hit you, it hits hard. 

From my Sundance review: "Most of the film is set on water, in and around shacks, filmed in the very locations its characters are supposed to live. This wasn't a movie shot on a lot in Los Angeles; it was a passion project years in the making, utilizing all local nonactors to add a level of authenticity you rarely see in any movie. Writer-director Benh Zeitlin said he wanted his crew to experience what the characters were experiencing, which is why they wrote the script and shot the film on the same swampy land where it's set. If the characters were in water, they were in water. If they were up to their knees in mud, the crew was up to their knees in mud. This wasn't just a group of people making a film, it was a group of people trying to make sense of the cards they were dealt by turning them into a spiritual and emotional art piece about love, loss, hope and forgiveness."

We'll bring you more about one of our favorites of 2012 as it inches closer to its June 27th release, but for now check out this trailer and see for yourself what people are so excited about. [via Apple]

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