'Beasts of the Southern Wild,' Jeremy Renner's 'SNL' Appearance, and 'This Is 40' Lead Today's Clip Roundup

'Beasts of the Southern Wild,' Jeremy Renner's 'SNL' Appearance, and 'This Is 40' Lead Today's Clip Roundup

Nov 19, 2012


Jeremy Renner tackled his role as Avengers archer Hawkeye over the weekend on Saturday Night Live. He's spoken about feeling "limited" in the role as the bow-and-arrow dude that most casual superhero moviegoers thought sucked (along with a good number of die-hard fans). The Bourne Legacy star had a cheeky little skit that poked fun at the character. He runs out of arrows during the Joss Whedon film's big showdown. Also, can Bill Hader just play Thor forever? [Spotted via Blastr]



If you haven't been able to get Beasts of the Southern Wild out of your mind, and you're certainly not alone, check out a few deleted scenes from Benh Zeitlin's film. The clip highlights a lively celebration sequence with the Bayou community cut off from the world by a levee. The filmmaker loved the scene's "heightened, chaotic humor," but once the film shifted direction, the "comic" segue became uncomfortable and was left on the cutting room floor. [Spotted via WSJ]




Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Ryan Adams and Norah Jones are amongst the musicians soundtracking Judd Apatow's This Is 40 — a continuation of the story of Knocked Up's Debbie (Leslie Mann) and Peter (Paul Rudd). A track from the always spunky Fiona Apple leaked online early, giving audiences a taste of the Oscar contender (for Original Song). It brings hope to those of us who want the songstress to unleash another rant to top her 1997 MTV speech, in which she called everything about the industry bullsh*t. Listen to "Dull Tool," and let us know if you can see the statue in her hand. [Spotted via The Playlist]


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