'Bachelorette' Red-Band Trailer Gets Vulgar

'Bachelorette' Red-Band Trailer Gets Vulgar

Aug 02, 2012

When Bridesmaids blew up last year, everyone was surprised and many mused over whether or not an R-rated, women-centric comedy doing big box-office numbers ($288 million worldwide, to be precise) would blow open the doors for similar films. It might be a while before we know for sure exactly how wide those doors have been blown open, but it at least made one film possible: Bachelorette.

No, this isn't the case of a quick rip-off cashing in on someone else's popularity. Writer-director Leslye Headland (FX' Terriers) had been trying to get the film off the ground but just couldn't. But as Isla Fisher told us earlier this year after its Sundance premiere, "We only got made because of Bridesmaids. They gave us the money the week after [Bridesmaids released]." And as costar Kirsten Dunst pointed out, the only thing the two movies have in common is a wedding. Character and content-wise the two look wildly different. Where Bridesmaids was about Kristen Wiig figuring out her life, Bachelorette looks more like a straight-up raunchy comedy that happens to star a handful of beautiful ladies: Fisher, Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Rebel Wilson.

The film hits VOD on August 10 as part of the Weinstein Company's new Radius label, but if you want to catch it in a theater, you can hold for its September 7 limited release. Check out the red-band trailer below, which is quite NSFW.

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