'Avatar' VFX Supervisor Goes From 'Final Destination 5' to Syfy-worthy 'Category 6'

'Avatar' VFX Supervisor Goes From 'Final Destination 5' to Syfy-worthy 'Category 6'

Jan 05, 2012

Do you like found footage movies? Too bad, because they're not going away any time soon. In fact, the narrative gimmick is no longer confined to the indie horror circuit. Hollywood, seemingly forgetting that Cloverfield was actually a radical movie, is falling in love with the format all over again. In February audiences will find Chronicle, the Max Landis-scripted story of camera-happy teenagers with new super powers. Combine the low-budget look with high-concept visual effects, and now, in a not too distant future, we'll also see the faux documentary style kicked up another notch with Steven Quale's Category 6.

Quale is best known as James Cameron's go-to visual effects supervisor and second unit director, though he's recently broken from his mentor to start a solo directing career. He'll be following up his first gig, Final Destination 5, which somehow managed to sucker a good number of people into believing its amusing last-minute twist could make up for the uninspired, generic splatfest that preceded it, with Category 6, described by Vulture as, "about high-school students documenting the wrath of an enormous, tornado-spawning windstorm."

And if a movie that uses a hurricane classification in its title but is about tornados (that use the Fujita scale) sounds like the plot of something you'd see on the Syfy channel, it's because it is. Everyone's favorite network devoted to absurd movies-of-the-week regularly airs the CBS-produced MOTW Category 6: Day of Destruction, as well as its sequel Category 7: The End of the World. So if you thought those two divine pieces of filmmaking about super storms were bad enough, just wait until Quale and company replace everyone with a teenaged camera crew to document the whole thing.

Frankly, it sounds like a painful proposal, and that's coming from someone who didn't even have to use IMDb to look up the subtitles for Category 6 and 7 because many bored weekend afternoons have seared them into his Syfy-loving brain. However, if the teenagers in question end up being the brood of Randy Quaid, who played "Tornado Tommy Dixon" in both Day of Destruction and The End of the World, then I'm totally back in.

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