'Atlas Shrugged' DVDs Recalled for Erroneous, Mortifying Synopsis

'Atlas Shrugged' DVDs Recalled for Erroneous, Mortifying Synopsis

Nov 11, 2011

Man, this Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 movie can't catch a break! First it's savaged by critics, and then the producer got so wounded that he threatened to can the planned sequel(!), and now this: someone at the home video department doesn't even know what Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is about! It's a pretty popular novel! They couldn't go ask a grad student?!?

Here's the story, according to the official Atlas Shrugged movie blog

The 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged, is known in philosophical and political circles for presenting a cogent argument advocating a society driven by rational self-interest. On the back of the film's retail DVD and Blu-ray however, the movie’s synopsis contradictorily states “AYN RAND’s timeless novel of courage and self-sacrifice comes to life...

Fair credit to the film's producers for bringing the gaffe to the forefront on their own, and also for promising to recall the glitched boxes and replace them with something a little more appropriate. I, for one, have not read Atlas Shrugged, but based on what I've read here, it sounds like if someone did a re-release of Ghostbusters and wrote on the DVD box that the doctors really love and support ghosts. My twitter pal Kim Lively helped me out a little: "No. It loathes & mocks the idea of self-sacrifice."

So there. Rand fans will want to run out and (oh so ironically) purchase a copy of the glitched-synopsis edition!

[Hat tip to @tompeyer]

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