'Ash vs Evil Dead' Images Bring Back the Chainsaw, the Necronomicon, and Another Old Friend

'Ash vs Evil Dead' Images Bring Back the Chainsaw, the Necronomicon, and Another Old Friend

Jul 06, 2015

It's been nearly 35 years since Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, and a chainsaw made horror movies a better place. Since then we've gotten two fantastic sequels to The Evil Dead, one very gory remake, a few comic books, and a ton of fan fiction about Ash Williams kicking deadite ass. But even with all of that Evil Dead goodness floating around, fans have still been clamoring for Ash's return. And soon they shall have it, thanks to Ash vs Evil Dead, a new TV series.

We'll be getting a full trailer look at the show later this week, but before Comic-Con rolls around Starz has been dolling out some early looks at the show that continues the story of that original trilogy. Above you can see the first look at Campbell in his iconic Ash outfit, and there are some pages from the Necronomicon below for anyone looking to summon some demons, but today we got confirmation that a third member of the Evil Dead family is making a come back: The Classic.



Hardcore Raimi fans will no doubt know all about The Classic already, but even casual fans may have noticed that a certain yellow, 1973 Oldsmobile keeps showing up in all of his movies. It started as Raimi's dad's car that he, Robert Tappert and Bruce Campbell would use any time they needed a car in one of their home movies. And then when Raimi started making professional movies, he'd make sure the car found its way into the picture some how. It's not only Ash's car in the Evil Dead series, but it's also made appearances in Spider-Man 1 - 3, Drag Me To Hell, Crimewave, The Gift, and more. It's probably even hidden somewhere in Oz, The Great and Powerful.

So if you were having your doubts that Ash vs Evil Dead would be a true Evil Dead reunion for Raimi, Tappert and Campbell, you can at least rest a little easier knowing that it's worthy of The Classic. And if you'd like even more backstory on the car and the comical lengths Raimi has gone to to make sure it ends up in his movies, you should read Campbell's fantastic autobiography, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor


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